7–13 May Bachelors

Pontus Johansson

Sweden, b. 1992
+46 739887182
Exhibition: 7–13 May

aerial customs

the aerial guest is both a specter and an other-being from a faraway land (?).

I come from far away (well, almost gone) landscapes, and I wonder about:
para-site specific disappearances.

my childhood’s valley of dug rivers (not a bog, anymore) and its green fields where our cows graced; where does it disappear to? … and where does it disappear from?

I always thought consummation meant to consume;
instead it means to finalize “a contract by mutual signature” in marriage (becoming one), or simply: perfection. But I still think of eating (an other).

and you, dear guest: what is a consuming spirit?
(becoming one is indeed mesmerizing, especially its violence.)
(but you don’t look at it, why is that?)

(finally) I read that spirituality “aims to recover the original shape of man” –
if originality is an artifice, is the perfect man then (by your tongue) (and mouth), when nothing is not human?