7–13 May Bachelors

Jenny Överfors

Sweden, b. 1994
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Meeting with my inner child, she takes my hand and shows me who I have been and who I still am.

In my report about my project I wrote the following:

“I’m going to make you your room in this reality, so that I can see you. I don’t know if you are sleeping or playing, maybe you are watching TV. Maybe I want to show you something on it. I remember the static electricity in front of the screen, it felt so soft and fuzzy, you could touch the signals with your hands. Things like that, those imperfections, have been perfected and are lost. You can’t touch the static anymore, but I will find that static again and I will bring you to life.”

The inner child is a constant part of our lives. My experiences and emotions from my childhood are those of a child’s. To feel like a child again is something I think we all have felt at least once. A toy, a scent, or an old commercial sends a spark through your brain and a spotlight shines bright at a dark corner in your mind, it is now in clear view. As if it was never lost in the first place. As a kid I used to listen to audio books to fall asleep. One day I was reminded of that and I became curious, so I searched and found an old audio book on the internet. In the first few seconds, I felt a wall crumble and fall inside of me. I remembered a feeling of safety, from when I was around 5 years old, that I haven’t felt since then. It left me with a mixed feeling of intense joy and sadness. It was hard to handle. With time I started to feel curious about this feeling of safety, I wanted to explore it, get close to it, bring it out and make it a part of me again.