Sweden, b. 1998
+46 766523561
Exhibition: 7–13 May

Safer no one can be

Since childhood, I have learnt to be afraid.
I have learnt to always call someone when walking home by myself.
I have learnt not to stand out in the dark but instead disappear into it.
I have learnt not to drink too much during a party.
I have run through dark passages where the streetlights were broken, in the fear that someone might be behind every corner.
Not only have I believed that something dangerous can happen, I have also experienced it firsthand.

But I’m not alone.

And this is for us. A voice.

Three different pieces of jewellery have been created in the hope that they will never be worn. My degree project is for those of us who are afraid to go home after dark. The pieces of jewellery are combat equipment, made in desperation to find security. At the same time, they are forced to cooperate with the body, like a cage. Is this what our dystopian future requires for us to feel safe when darkness falls?

Vagina dentata